Message From Chairman

Gupteshwor Multiple Campus has celebrated its 21th anniversary with increasing volume. A lot of strive has been invested in its making. Its present position and reputation has been possible through untiring effort and struggle of many educationists, intellectuals, government agencies, non government organizations, politicians, international organizations including Indian Embassy to Nepal and different social workers. Similarly, the dedicated teaching faculties, administrative staff and CMC members deserve equal credit. Started with a few students and hired classroom at Narayan Higher Secondary School in Kushma just 23 years ago, GMC has rapidly grown into a larger sized academic institution satisfying educational needs of thousands of students coming mainly from Parbat and nearby districts of western region. We can find graduates from GMC in various sectors of World Labour Market. I believe it will continue leading the educational field of not only the region but also the nation in the days to come.

Finally, I feel highly honored to hold the position of GMC Chairman of this Campus, and proudly articulate my sincere gratitude to all of the contributors to resize this campus as it is today.

Mathura Kumar Joshi

Chariman, Campus Management Committee